Wonderful news from the wind industry has broken about Hornsea One. If you’re not overly familiar with the project, you can read a summary and see infographics here. If you’re aware of Hull, Bridlington, Scarborough already, you’ll know that Hornsea is a small Yorkshire coastal town.  The wind farm is located 75 miles west out at sea.

The figures from the project are incredible. It will take up an area of 157 square miles, bigger than some English counties. It will provide green power for 1 million homes, or a third of properties in Greater London. The turbines themselves are colossal – with one single turn producing enough to power a home for a day!

There will be 174 of them.

When this is compared with Scroby Sands, 2.5 km off the coast at Great Yarmouth, the differences are staggering.

The advances in technology, for instance, are rapid.

Scroby Sands was opened in March 2004, with 30 turbines. Its output today can power just 41,000 homes, which is not a figure to be sniffed at of course, but one that is dwarfed by Hornsea One’s one million homes. Vestas, the Danish giant, designed and built Scroby Sands.

What’s arguably more impressive still are the plans for Hornsea Two and Three.

Hornsea Two will be able power up to 1.6 million homes, followed by Hornsea Three which could provide electricity to 2 million homes.

What impresses more are global plans.

Wind power is proving to be a viable option for mass scale energy production. Stanford researchers recently created a roadmap study that showed that with our current technology we could power the whole world with renewables by 2050.

The UK are world leaders

Perhaps because we’re an island, or the fact that we are physically close to mainland Europe, it may surprise you to learn this. The UK is a world leader in offshore wind energy production.

Firstly, offshore wind powers the equivalent of 4.5 million homes annually and will generate over 10% of UK electricity by 2020.

Secondly, the cost of new offshore wind has fallen by 50% since 2015.  It is now one of the lowest cost options for new power in the UK – cheaper than new gas and nuclear power.

Finally, wind power contributes massively to the UK economy.

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